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Yoda one we need. Re-inventing the Universe

Please excuse the dust. This site is in Alpha mode at the moment while we recreate it from the ground up. We are looking for talented, motivated individuals to help us re-vamp the site. Reviewers, testers, gossipers and even compulsive gripers are all welcome. Once the management tool sare finished we will be moving forward so if your interested act soon.

For more information email mmason@digitalexample.com Subject: SWU

The Dented Helmet: Bounty Hunter Elite Costuming Site

After scouring the net for Boba Fett reference and information I stumbled into ‘The Dented Helmet.’ I simply can not say enough about this site. I have never found a site to be more helpful, and proud of that fact. Whether you are willing to invest $5000 into the ultimate fan suit, want to turn a Sterilite trash can into a suit of armour, or want to simply learn about basic prop and costume building this is a site you should take the time to visit.

The Seven Jedi: The premise of promise

In a time when everyone has a video camera, a script , and MTV its difficult to find the diamonds in the rough. During our daily geekdom travels we uncovered this promising fan film.

As of yet we have not seen any of the footage. However the costuming, filming and set pictures imply that they are paying very close attention to detail. Lets hope that this one finally delivers.

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